Agency Portfolio

Stanza Technologies

B2B / Construction & IT Services

An international firm specializing in BIM software, with offices in Singapore and Canada, Stanza Technologies sought Pascual Creative’s expertise for developing a lead-generating website. The project included seamless integration of social media and CRM platforms, enhancing their digital marketing strategy.

Energy Stone

B2C / Jewelry Boutique

Energy Stone offers jewelry that captures the zeitgeist, including their signature Energy Stone Spinner Ring Collection. Pascual Creative revamped their e-commerce platform, giving it a modern, sophisticated design with a user-friendly interface that elevates the customer shopping experience.

German European School Singapore

B2C / International School

As Asia’s leading German international school with over 2,000 students, GESS partnered with Pascual Creative for multiple web projects. This collaboration included developing their online news portal and an administrative request and order hub, enhancing their digital presence in the education sector.

Red Haven Group

B2C / Property Management Services

Red Haven Group, a North American property management company, specializes in both short and long-term rental properties for tourists and investors. Pascual Creative developed their website with a focus on user-friendliness and highlighting the reliability of their services, catering to both holidaymakers and potential investors.

Centennialista Association

B2C / Student & Alumni Organization

Centennialista, the official Filipino club at Toronto’s Centennial College, has over 300 members and organizes numerous community events. Our collaboration involved creating a club page and a member interaction forum, fostering community engagement within the college.

Botak Sign Pte Ltd

B2B / Print & Advertising

A Singapore-based print and advertising firm, Botak Sign’s unique mascot, Botak, became the centerpiece of our project. Pascual Creative designed an official website showcasing various artworks and fan art of Botak, created by diverse artists, enhancing their brand’s creative outreach.

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